A new year’s resolution

The new year roles around and we all promise to do better. We set ‘resolutions’, and this year I really only have the one…

Actually, to say I only have one new years resolution wouldn’t be entirely truthful. I have several. With one exception though, they are fairly generic: to go to the gym more, to drink less booze, to be a bit more sociable… Not that I don’t intend to keep these, it’s just I’ve been unsuccessful at keeping any of them up for more than the first month or two of the year for each year of the past decade.

My ‘what can I actually do to improve’ new years resolution is to be more reflective, particularly about my creative endeavours. By this I mean to make a point of stopping and taking stock on a regular basis. I’m not aiming to become more introverted.

The best way to record this will no doubt be to diarise these reflections. I won’t subject you to all my thoughts, but where I feel I have something relevant to say I will post it to this blog.

Happy new year!