A (re)­commitment to blog

Back in March I wrote a post about why I like blogs. In it I promised to make a concerted effort to keep writing… My writing over the last couple of months has dried up though – I’m in danger of breaking my promise to you, dear reader!

Circumstance has conspired and left me with little time to think, let alone write.

Towards the end of April Miss-Charlotte and I decided to move from Reading to London. This quickly became an all-consuming endeavour – my apologies to friends, family and work colleagues for what at times must have been our sole topic of conversation. What bores!

We are now in the flat, and despite BT’s best efforts to lose our custom, are online again. The good news is that life is settling down again and I have a head full of ideas. My new (rather long) commute has given me the space to start sketching out a few posts. It’s amazing how much can get done in an hour on the train. Each way.

I want to take this opportunity to commit (again) to the upkeep of this blog. Speak soon.