Insight Vacations hotel guide

The Insight Vacations hotels guide provides a list of the hotels used by the brand on their touring holidays, so that customers can find out more about the accommodation when booking a trip.

With Insight Vacations’ tours visiting dozens of countries and using several hundred hotels, displaying this quantity of information in a easily digestible format presented a challenge. By carefully considering the different user interactions needed, I came up with a design that presents minimal information to start and allows the customers to select and view only the hotels in the countries that they are interested in.

In carrying out design and front-end development work, my responsibilities included:

  • Creating a series of wireframes and design mock-ups to illustrate both layout and the proposed user interactions.
  • Producing a design that met the Insight Vacations brand guidelines and would work within existing website templates.
  • Developing a prototype using HTML, CSS and jQuery to achieve the desired look and functionality.
  • Taking a progressively enhanced approach to development, so that the page content can still be accessed on lower-capability browsers.
  • Working closely with colleagues to ensure that business requirements were met, and later the successful integration of the prototype into the Sitecore CMS.