Institute of Education home page

The Institute of Education at the University of Reading run a comprehensive range of courses aimed at the initial training and ongoing development for those in the teaching profession.

With courses organised by level of study within the website, it was not clear on reaching the home page that the Institute of Education offers many of the popular teaching qualifications. As these generate the most applications for the Institute, it was agreed that the new home page design should focus on drawing this information out, alongside some of the specialist courses that showcase the Institute’s interests.

Additional requirements included highlighting areas of research; and to give a sense of the Institute as an active place. This final objective is achieved by including feeds from the Institute’s blog and Twitter account.

It has been my role to:

  • Identify that the focus of the redesign should highlight specific courses, using feedback from focus groups and website analytics data.
  • Produce a wireframe and design mock-up to demonstrate how the project requirements will be met, including how a user’s path to the chosen (popular) courses is reduced by highlighting those courses on the home page
  • Design within the University’s brand guidelines, and where appropriate, make use of its existing website conventions.
  • Develop the homepage as an editable template for use in the Activedition CMS, using HTML, CSS and jQuery; this includes opting to write the banner slideshow from scratch, rather than using a jQuery plug-in.