University of Reading blog theme

With blogs becoming an increasingly important facet of the University of Reading’s digital presence, a branded WordPress theme is needed to highlight their link to the University, and by association help define them as credible sources of content.

In carrying out design and front-end development work, my responsibilities included:

  • Producing design mock-ups, illustrating how the site would look and function to readers accessing the University’s blogs from both desktop and mobile.
  • Applying the University of Reading brand with a light touch, allowing blogs to retain independent personalities, while demonstrating their affiliation to the University.
  • Developing the theme as a child-theme of Automatic’s Toolbox, with minor modifications to the underlying HTML, and scratch-written CSS and jQuery.
  • Using responsive design techniques to implement a flexible layout, allowing blogs using the theme to be read comfortably, regardless of the device being used to access them (desktop PC, mobile, tablet).
  • Enhancing the theme’s functionality by writing a bespoke jQuery function that reduces vertical length of posts for small screen devices, by collapsing menu, comment and widget elements. Each collapsed element can be revealed on a click or tap.