University of Reading email newsletter template

The design of a flexible email newsletter template framework was part of a larger project I ran, to identify and implement an email marketing system for the University of Reading.

In developing the framework, I was responsible for:

  • Producing a polished and eye-catching design, readily identifiable as the University of Reading, to encourage engagement and reduce likelihood of email being marked as spam.
  • Organising content into a clear hierarchy, highlighting key news items to the reader.
  • Creating a structure that encourages succinct communication of key messages that are complemented by in-depth content on the website.
  • Grouping related content into modules that could easily be replicated or removed, increasing template flexibility.
  • Ensuring the design met University of Reading brand guidelines.
  • Developing a concept that could be easily adapted for use by University of Reading sub-brands.
  • Extensive testing of templates, to ensure compatibility with a wide range of email clients.

On a practical level I produced:

  • Wireframes
  • Design comps
  • Email templates, using HTML and CSS

The HTML and CSS for these templates has been specifically written to play nicely with the many quirks of both web and desktop email clients.